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    According to Research, finger nails tell how healthy and hygienic you are. So it is quite clear that fungal infection in your nails can be a hazardous situation. This is not particular about women and cosmetics, even men need to have their nails clean and bright in order to have a confident personality.




    There can be a number of reasons for the fungal infection in nails other than hygiene like you may read on some alternative medicine magazine. Declining blood circulation, genetics and profuse perspiration can cause fungal infections in your nails.


    Or sometimes there are very basic reasons or habits like humid environment, lack of ventilation to fingers, uncomfortable footwear and an old injury that can appear as a skin allergy later.




    When nails get thick and dull, blurred and may be yellowish… one might be at risk of having fungal nail infection. There is a situation where nail gets a part from skin and it is called “Onycholysis”. The pain this nail fungus cause may slightly release smell.

    The KOH test is conducted by doctor for quick diagnosis.




    In all over the world, around 35 million people get caught by this fungal infection and a large number of them depend on affective formula of Zetaclear mainly because:


    1. The application of solution is easy and gives smooth nails and softer skin.

    2. The spray is homeopathic and not harsh at all. It undergoes bloodstream and relieves fungus much more than any




    Zetaclear has earned confidence of people all over the world. With two most simple steps of application Zeta clear has changed the life of many men and women for good. Now they are free to wear accessories and footwear of their own choice and claim the spray to be best among all the products in the market.